restriction breeds creativity.

Topdeck Lethal is an otherworldly gaze into
Magic: the Gathering's current most affordable and unaffordable DIY community formats:
Pauper & Old School '93/'94

At its very core, the TDL paper cult celebrates all that DIY magic has to offer by designing custom cards, formats, and proof of concept mtg products for the community to freely enjoy.

Based out of Southern California, a small contingency of cardboard cultists meet every week to drink, draft Pauper cube, and jam all sorts of Old School, Pauper, and PDH games. Interested in banding together with us? The TDL Discord server is open to players of all skill levels and is our digital dojo for Pauper discussion and hub for online pick-up games, custom cards, and sharing decklists.

Whether you like the low-cost, brewer-friendly, diet Legacy aspects of Pauper, or you've come for the locked card pool of the game as it was originally in the time capsule of the early to
mid-nineties, you've come to a place where above all else; restriction breeds creativity.

Best of luck, we look forward to tapping some lands with you.