"Crushed at Turbo Speed!"


Season 1 of our Pauper 5CB (Five Card Blind) events consisted of five derbies and ended with a Grand Prix, where we brought all of the winning lists back in addition to those submitted for the GP in a month-long rally of ruination for the cup!

To see how it went, check out this article here.

Coming off of the high from the Season 1 GP, new and previous contenders alike wasted no time in constructing new lists to kickoff Season 2 with gusto! In our most recent event, eight creators threw down their five-card machines for a total of 56 games played. This time around the meta shifted a bit toward using both recurring and free creatures in the form of Myr Servitor and Basking Rootwalla. Another interesting aspect was the number of win conditions based around creature-based strategies while control all-stars like Daze and Duress were found in short supply. Not to mention almost two identical madness lists, I'm beginning to think these pilots must all hang out at the same bar...

Boys Don't Cry.

For the conclusion of Derby #1, We congratulate a newcomer to the format and the current Derby Champ Comrade who took first place with
Turbo Crusher" for a total of 30 pts.

This mono black list was a welcome and improved design from the reanimator lists present in the first Derby of Season 1 with the addition of hand disruption via Cry of Contrition. Time is indeed a flat circle and Cry proved an interesting piece to both put an Ulamog's Crusher in the yard as well as annihilating its opponent's permenants and hand alike. Brutal.

Current Standings

After 56 simulated games, I'm pleased to announce our rankings for Derby #1 of Season 2:

Turbo Crusher - 1st Place (30pts)

Cry of Contrition

1 Dark Ritual

1 Exhume

1 Ulamog's Crusher

1 Swamp

Destroyers of Durkwood - 2nd Place (28pts)

3 Durkwood Baloth

2 Forests

Cinco Gondo - 3rd Place (26pts)

1 Daze

1 Presence of Gond

1 Midnight Guard

1 Remote Farm

1 Rimewood Falls

Love, Desert, & Robots - 4th Place (24pts)

3 Myr Servitor

2 Desert

Rite to Remain - 5th Place (19pts)

1 Dark Ritual

1 Last Rites

2 Basking Rootwalla

1 Swamp

Babbling Bauble - 6th Place (17pts)

1 Duress

1 Conjurer's Bauble

1 Archaeomender

1 Dimir Aquaduct

1 Swamp

Delirious Lizards - 7th Place (16pts)

Dark Ritual

1 Delirium Skeins

2 Basking Rootwalla

1 Swamp

Theme From Jaws - 8th Place (4pts)

Sea's Claim

1 Fishliver Oil

1 Dandân

1 Saprazzan Skerry

1 Island

Prize Support Tho?

Entry is always free for the 5CB Pauper Derby and our prize support includes our very own signature timeshifted versions of our favorite Pauper pieces which are voted by our contenders upon submission. These pieces have an old-school aesthetic and feature regressed errata for a classic vibe.

Here are the prizes voted by our Top 5 contenders for Derby #1.

For the Community!

As always, the ultimate goal of this event is to gamify card interaction and brewing discussions as well as create a mini-league or 'fantasy mtg league' of sorts. It's for knowledge, but mostly a fun way for seasoned players and brewers new to the format alike to interact amidst various other virtual Pauper community events operating at the moment.

To summarize, In the first week, we will give contenders a week to brew and submit their engines.

In the second week, matchups will be posted each day and will be opened up for immediate discussion so all contenders can become more involved and talk about their matchups amongst themselves in real-time. Results will then be posted at the end of the second week.

For more information on how this works and how to get involved, check out episode 1 of the Pit Stop Podcast which dives into more detail on 5 card deck construction by seasoned 5CB contenders.

What's Next?

The list to beat is "Turbo Crusher" which will be entered automatically in the next event.
Derby #2 will open for submissions on Sunday, August 5th and will close in exactly one week on Sunday, August 12th. Matchups will then be posted and contenders will have one week (
depending on the number of entries) to smash their lists together and determine winners.

The 5CB Pauper Derby is free to enter. If you are interested in participating, please see the ‘Events’ channel on our Discord server for more details on how to submit your five-card decklist.

We'll check back in a few weeks with the results of our next derby, happy brewing racers, program to destroy!