"Just Deserts"


Derby #3 kicked off with some changes to the game flow. For this derby, matchups were openly posted which gave our contenders an opportunity to discuss their strategies and jam more games which ultimately resulted in more overall engagement. It was great to see these madlads putting their builds to the test and openly working out interesting card interactions.
So I'd like to give a big shoutout to our contenders for their patience, adaptability, iteration, and for making this event/format a truly unique Pauper experience. Hats off for these mad chemists!

For a recap of the rules and our Derby #1 results check out this article here.

Twelve contenders smashed their creations together in this derby which consisted of eleven rounds for a total of sixty-six games played. We found out that Cleansing Wildfire is some solid anti-Daze technology. Brewers had blue and black in mind this time around in their meta selections and it showed. Hymn to Tourach was nerfed a bit by removing the random aspect in accordance with the 5CB rules, but it still proved to be an effective albeit, balanced piece. There were only a few lists that could best one of our finest designs submitted yet, "Desert Pharaohs."

Currently, there are no changes to the Pauper Derby ban list, however Derby #4 will bring a new set of pieces into the mix with
Strixhaven: School of Mages releasing this Friday on April 23rd. For this addition, Lessons and cards using the Learn mechanic will be legal. To preserve the spirit of the format and encourage the use of new mechanics, each contender will be given one wishboard card slot in addition to their 5 card engines to be declared upon submission for use. Very scholarly.

Current Standings

Our second derby all-star "Black Ceremony" has been dethroned allowing it's creator to devise another devious list to compete with in the next event.
Congratulations to our new Derby Champion,
SpaceFisho with "Desert Pharaohs" taking the helm with a total of 50 points!
Here's our Top 5 and rankings for Derby #3.

Desert Pharaohs - 1st Place (50pts)


2 Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs

Feldon's Fisher - 2nd Place (43pts)

Remote Farm

2 Kor Skyfisher

1 Feldon's Cane

1 Oppressive Rays

Coerced by Witches - 3rd Place (40pts)

Cuombajj Witches

1 Dark Ritual

1 Coercion

1 Peat Bog

1 Swamp

Discount Cawblade - 4th Place (39pts)

Healer's Hawk

1 Sentinel's Eyes

1 Foil

1 Island

1 Plains

Hearty Cleaning - 5th Place (37pts)

Wretched Anurid

1 Curse of the Pierced Heart

1 Cleansing Wildfire

1 Mountain

1 Swamp

Waste Not - 7th Place (35pts)

Darksteel Citadel

4 Myr Servitor

Bogle Back Up - 8th Place (32pts)

Slippery Bogle

1 Favor of the Overbeing

1 Daze

1 Mortuary Mire

1 Island

Black Ceremony - 9th Place (22pts)

Hymn to Tourach

1 Carnophage

1 Dark Ritual

1 Innocent Blood

1 Swamp

The 2nd Twilight Movie - 10th Place (18pts)

Young Wolf

1 Rancor

1 Duress

1 Khalni Garden

1 Swamp

Sticky Fingers - 11th Place (16pts)

Blighted Agent

1 Duress

1 Daze

1 Island

1 Swamp

Akroan Crusader - 12th Place (6pts)

Akroan Crusader

1 Apostle's Blessing

1 Daze

1 Mutagenic Growth

1 Volatile Fjord

tune and smash!

The ultimate goal of this event is to gamify card interaction and brewing discussions as well as create a mini league or 'fantasy mtg league' of sorts. It's for knowledge, but mostly a fun way for seasoned players and brewers new to the format to interact amidst various other virtual Pauper community events operating at the moment.

To summarize, In the first week, we will give contenders a week to brew and submit their engines.

In the second week, matchups will be posted each day and will be opened up for immediate discussion so contenders can become more involved and talk about their matchups amongst themselves in real time. Results will then be posted at the end of the second week.

Prize Support Tho?

Prize support includes our own derby timeshifted versions of our favorite pieces which are voted by our contenders. These will have an old school aesthetic and will also feature regressed errata. These pieces will be officially printed and made available as prizes for our Top 5 ranked contenders.

Here are the prizes for Derby #3...

Going forward, the submission form will now include a section asking for contenders to make a vote on the card they would most like to see timeshifted and included as a prize for the current derby. In addition to the Derby Champion title on the Discord server, the Champion will also receive a holographic 5CB Derby Decal to rep for street cred.

What's Next?

Desert Pharaohs is locked in as the deck to beat for the next round. Submissions for Round 4 will open Friday, April 23rd and will close in exactly one week.
(4/23 - 4/30)

The 5CB Pauper Derby is free to enter. If you are interested in participating, please see the ‘Events’ channel on our Discord server for more details on how to submit your five-card decklist.

We'll check back in a few weeks with the results of our next derby, happy brewing racers!