"Paupular Demand"


Sunday, January 24th marks the beginning of Pauper Season 2 on one of Mag the Gath's fastest-growing online Discord communities for both daily and weekly online paper matches Mtg@Home; but not before ending the season with the first-ever Pauper Invitational!

In this event, eight of the weekly top pauper leaderboard pilots will receive invites to compete in a double-elimination bracket consisting of four rounds in total, with the final two rounds being the semifinals and finals respectively.

- Top 8 Leaderboard -

1. Jonathan N - 39 pts.

2. MullyD - 38 pts.

3. Michael Storms - 28 pts.

4. Alex - 28 pts.

5. Patrickcontrabass - 27 pts.

6. Ragesoss - 27 pts.

7. Mehbut - 21 pts.

8. DirtyOl'Harry92 - 21 pts.

If a player loses once, they are placed in the lower bracket, but players will have the opportunity to climb back up to the top bracket if they can win twice. A player with two losses will be eliminated in the event that will decide who will be crowned champion of the season.

Additionally, on January 17th the Mtg@Home pauper league will be putting together a "No Tier" tournament for fun as a bit of a palate cleanser before the invitational. In this event, players won't be allowed to use tier 1 meta decks, which is essentially the following list.

Brewers will have a chance to get creative and come up with something unique and it will be very interesting to see what kind of engines these players will craft in what may become a staple event within the community.

Short on time? If you're more of a slow roller, in celebration of The Pauper People discord server merging with Mtg@Home, a third event was announced which will span four weeks. This tournament will be in league fashion as those who enter will have a week to virtually match up with opponents and record results of their best of three. There is optional prize support for Kaldheim booster packs, a raffle for a sleeved mono white heroic list for the top five finalists, and an alter among other prizes.

You can visit the Mtg@Home discord server for more information on signups.

Combined with the snow-covered spoilers that continue to trickle in from the upcoming Kaldheim set arriving in March, the energy is buzzing within the Mtg@Home pauper community as January kicks '21 off right with plenty of cardboard clashing and pauper play; one could even say this month is jam-packed?