"The Cauldron"
A resource for commoners


Perhaps you're a new player to the format.
You've perused the prevalent pauper content on
YouTube and refreshed the pauper metagame page on countless times, (as you should) but you're most interested in crafting your own creation...

Or, maybe you're a Pauper veteran breaking away from the top tier lists to bake your own delicious cake of jank, but you've become overwhelmed with meticulously tabbing through nearly 8,000 format legal cards and you're currently drowning in your Scryfall and Gatherer searches...

Who knows, you might even just want some inspiration with building yourself a Pauper cube for your playgroup...

Whatever your use case may be, the goal with this tool is to offer the community something useful to aid in these endeavors and to share what has been useful to me personally when I'm stirring up a list most foul.

Baby, we've got a stew going...

The Cauldron is a living document and current list of all Pauper staples which is comprised of the pieces in the top-performing lists as well as some lesser-played options that are absolutely worth your time and consideration.

A few years ago I remember listening to several Pauper podcasts where a handful of top format performers like Caleb Gannon and Diego Brando (among others I'm certain) mentioning they had kept their own spreadsheets for assistance in their brewing. Fortunately, I decided to take a page out of their book and this concept has become invaluable in my own deck construction.

Over the years I've manually added and removed cards to this doc as well as iterated on the organization of information in order to make something functional.

I should add that this isn't a replacement to the powerful and invaluable databases like and Gatherer, but rather a companion resource to help quickly visualize the most used cards in Pauper. It's essentially a way to save a custom search for format staples (which I haven't been able to do with Scryfall yet.) I think I've just about got it where I like it and I'm happy to share in hopes to improve it further.

Mag the Gath is easily my favorite game of all time. In addition to my passion for meeting new folks and tinkering with decklists, I'm always fond of the opportunity to share knowledge and introduce new players to the best format MTG has to offer!

Sharing is Caring

So please, share with friends, make a copy for yourself, and iterate. You do you in doing what you do best. If you think something should be added, corrected, or dropped, I'd be interested in hearing your feedback for this tool so it can continue to generate value for our community.